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About Finance

The Finance Department administers the financial and treasury affairs
of the City of Riverside. The department manages the City’s revenues, expenditures, investments, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, and debt. As such, the department provides the City’s departments and residents with dependable and efficient quality services in billing and collection of City services, cash management, and other fiscal functions in accordance with legal and professional standards.

Department goals are:

  1. To ensure the safety and security of the City’s assets;
  2. Provide the financial and accounting resources necessary to support goals and operations of City departments;
  3. Develop sound financial strategies for business decisions; and
  4. Actively support the local business economy.

Finance Department Awards & Recognition

Each year, the Finance Department participates in highly regarded
professional programs that recognize achievement, quality, and
excellence in financial management among state and local governments. The
Finance Department’s
Awards &
are a reflection of our commitment to serve the public interest
with integrity, fiscal accountability and transparency.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide fiduciary control of the
City’s assets, perform fiscally related services, and provide accurate, timely
and useful financial information to support the delivery of municipal services
to the City organization and the public. The Finance Department consists of the
Administration, Accounting, Financial Resources, and Purchasing & Risk
Management Divisions.

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