Oracle Business Intelligence Training Course

Key Features

* Ensure the success of your Oracle Business
Intelligence project by learning from an experienced Oracle Business Intelligence expert.

* Get a pragmatic learning experience
in Oracle Business Intelligence

* See
industry best practices for choosing a  Business Intelligence 
platform and supplemental  Business Intelligence  tools.

* Understand the evolution of  Business
Intelligence  needs, from tactical data to hypothesis testing and

* See how to use Oracle Business Intelligence for
advanced linear regression, predictive modeling and trend analysis.

* Learn
proven methods for ETL and data cleansing.

* See how
to collect and analyze terabytes of operational data.

* See how to create executive dashboards for
strategic data analysis.

* See how
to build Oracle  Business Intelligence  Interactive Dashboards for
executive management.

* Understand the secrets for hypercharging your
Oracle Business Intelligence queries.

* See how to leverage the
Oracle  Business Intelligence  Server.

* Learn to use Oracle  Business
Intelligence  Answers for sophisticated trend analysis.


Course Description

Oracle  Business Intelligence  Suite Enterprise
Edition Training Course is an intense  training course that is designed to
give the student maximum exposure to Oracle  Business Intelligence  Suite components.

Low on theory and long on real-world
applications, this Oracle Business Intelligence training class is taught by
an experienced Oracle Business Intelligence DBA who teaches Oracle Business
Intelligence secrets and tips.

Every Oracle 
Business Intelligence  shop has different requirements, and

Oracle Business Intelligence training course can also
be customized according to your specific needs along with follow-up supplemental
mentoring to guarantee your success in your  Business Intelligence 

BC is proud to be the All-American team with pragmatic
training from expert instructors.

Book Required

Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

John Wiley & Sons

ISBN = 0471919217


This Oracle  Business Intelligence  Suite Enterprise Edition
course is designed for practicing Oracle professionals who have
basic experience with Oracle.

Prior experience with Oracle is not
required, but experience using Oracle database is highly

This course is intended for anyone involved in the Oracle Business Intelligence
project, including IT managers, data analysts, developers, systems analysts and
end-user liaisons.

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