MSc. in Business Intelligence & Analytics

Projects in agile method Students of the master programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics will execute

Projects in agile method

Students of the master programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics will execute projects to learn about the efficient (lean) and flexible (agile) way of working between Business and Information Systems.

The programme welcomes students coming from all over the world and of different study backgrounds and experiences assuring a diverse multicultural experience.


Lectures are delivered by:

  • Practitioners, experts and managers from the business world who transfer their experiences in terms of knowledge and concrete examples to the students.
  • Faculty professors recognised as leaders in their fields of study.

Thanks to the programme, you will acquire general data awareness and skills, as well as a deep knowledge of business intelligence and analytics methodology and tools.


Students can obtain a dual-degree

  • Master Business Informatiks (Data Science) from Aalen University in Germany by spending one semester in the partner university

What is it like to study in Clermont-Ferrand?
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Les étudiants français ont la possibilité de suivre le programme en alternance dans le cadre d’un contrat de professionnalisation. Le rythme de l’alternance est de 2 semaines entreprise / 1 semaine Ecole. Découvrez le calendrier de l’alternance

Internship and Thesis

Students of the Business Intelligence & Analytics Programme will carry out an internship or a job placement of a minimum of 4 months in France, Europe or any other location abroad. 

The objective of the internship is to gain hands-on experience and consolidate the knowledge and techniques that are obtained during the course.

Each student is individually supervised by a designated advisor and completes a professional thesis, followed by an oral defense and company assessment.

Fees and Financing

There is no application fee.

Tuition Fees for the MSc. Programme€ 11,500

Les frais de scolarité des étudiants français qui suivent le programme en alternance sont à la charge de l’entreprise d’accueil.


Early bird scholarships:

  • Payment of deposit: Those who pay the deposit before the beginning of March receive a 5% reduction on the tuition fees.
  • Confirmation of enrollment: Those who pay the deposit within the two weeks following acceptance and till the end of June as a maximum receive a 5% reduction on the tuition fees.
  • Full payment of the tuition fees before start of the programme: 5% reduction on the tuition fees.

The first two scholarship schemes are non-cumulative. The full payment of the tuition fees discount is cumulative with either the first or second early bird scholarship.

Scholarships by ESC Clermont Foundation:

Students of the Master programme will have the possibility to apply for a scholarship after the start of the programme. Various scholarships are offered to both French and international students based on their academic achievements and social backgrounds.

Scholarships to go abroad:

Erasmus+ scholarship: For students who are interested in doing their internship in Europe or those who would like to obtain the dual-degree from partner university in Germany, they will be able to apply for this scholarship allowing them to obtain a monthly stipend to finance their stay.

Conseil Régional scholarhsip: For students who do their internships outside France or those who will study in one of our two partner universities in Europe, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes offers the students a scholarship to support them in their living costs abroad.

Flexible payment plans

There are also flexible payment plans available to settle the tuition fees through multiple payments.

In the long term, with complementary skills and additional experiences, students can expect to high-rank their current jobs or access others: Data Scientist, Chief Data Officer, etc…

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