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  • Auto Insurance

    State law requirements, shopping tips, lowering costs, filing a claim, and more.

  • Health Insurance

    Insurance types, purchasing tips, lowering premiums, complaint procedures,
    managed care plans, and more.

  • Homeowners Insurance

    Coverage types, purchasing the right coverage, lowering costs, flood insurance,
    filing claims, making a home inventory, and more.

  • Life Insurance and Annuities

    Purchasing the right coverage and amount, viatical settlements, purchasing annuities,
    detecting deceptive sales practices, and more.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    Long-term Care Insurance explanation, the benefits, exclusions, providers, and more.

  • Consumer Alerts

    Issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department to inform consumers of dangers, threats, and problems.

  • Fight Insurance Fraud

    How fraud affects you, agent fraud schemes, fraudulent claims, fraud against seniors, business insurance fraud,
    reporting insurance fraud, and more.

  • Request Assistance

    How to request assistance with insurance matters from the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • File Complaint

    File online complaints, download complaint forms, where to submit complaints, required information when
    submitting complaints, and more.

  • Consumer Resources

    Helpful insurance related resources for consumers.

  • Company Information

    Rating services, market share reports, and examination reports.

  • Make a Public Records Request

    The MID Public Access Information page contains commonly-requested, information resources maintained by
    the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Life Insurance Policy Locator Service

    Assisting consumers in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship.

  • Cybersecurity Report NEW

    Submit data to the Mississippi Insurance Department about data breaches.

  • Company Licensing Search

    Search for licensed insurance companies by license number, NAIC number, and name. Download lists by authorized lines, license type, and licensed companies.

  • Financial Filing Submission Portal

    Provides portals for Financial Filing and PIN Contact Address Change.

  • Company Filing and Registration

    Tax filing, annual filing, premium filing, registrations, and other reporting forms.

  • Market Share Reports

    View insurance company market share reports by year.

  • Company Licensing

    Company license requirements, amendments, renewals, and appointment/termination of agents.

  • Life, Accident, and Health Form and Rate Filing

    State filing procedures and forms for life, accident, and health, annuity, and credit.

  • Property and Casualty Company Information

    Rate and form filing, monthly filing bulletins, workers compensation loss cost data, and the Online Form and Rate Filing Search.

  • Company Rating Services

    Major insurance company rating agencies, their internet links, and phone numbers.

  • Rehabilitations and Liquidations

    Lists of insurance companies that are either in rehabilitation or liquidation.

  • Residual Market Plans

    View the “Markets of Last Resort” that are used when conventional insurance coverage cannot be obtained through standard markets.

  • Clarity Act/Market Analysis Data Call

    Analysis of Premium & Loss data by Zip Code.

  • ProducerIndividual Licensing

    ProducerIndividual licensing forms and fees, online services letters of certificationchange of address, notices, and more.

  • Entity Licensing

    Entity licensing forms and fees, online services notices, and more.

  • Adjuster Licensing

    IndividualEntity Adjuster licensing forms and fees, online services, letters of certification/change of address, notices, and more.

  • Bail Agent Licensing

    Bail Agent prelicensing and licensing, fees, forms, renewals, frequently asked questions and more.

  • Prelicensing and Continuing Education

    Forms, education providers, examinations, links, and more.

  • Licensing Examinations

    Testing centers, study material sources, and more. Pearson Vue will be administering the state insurance exams for producers, adjusters, and bail agents. www.pearsonvue.com

  • Licensing Appointments

    Appointments, renewals, terminations, company authorization of individuals to appoint/terminate, and more.

  • Licensing Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

    License information, frequently asked questions, bulletins, and more.

  • Licensing Search

    Licensing searches for insurance companies, individuals and entities, elevatorescalators, factory-built homes, and electronic protection systems.

  • Additional Licensing Types

    Company licensing, ElevatorEscalators Licensing, Factory-Built Homes Licensing, Electronic Protection Systems Licensing, Risk Retention Group, and Risk Purchasing Group.

  • Attorney General’s Opinions

    Search for Mississippi Attorney General Opinions on insurance regulatory issues.

  • Bulletins

    View bulletins issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Enforcement Actions

    View enforcement actions issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Mississippi Code

    Search Mississippi Code using the Secretary of State Unannotated Code Lookup.

  • Mississippi Insurance Legislation

    View legislative summaries, new insurance laws, and other legislative information.

  • Regulations

    View regulations issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Make a Public Records Request

    The MID Public Access Information page contains commonly-requested, information resources maintained by the
    Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Legislative Reports

    View legislative reports issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Hearings

    View live hearings or previous hearings issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Press Releases

    Press releases issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Consumer Alerts

    Consumer alerts issued by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

  • Events

    Events related to the Mississippi Insurance Department and the insurance industry.

  • Mississippi Insurance Matters

    MID Newsletters and podcasts from Commissioner Chaney.

  • Request Commissioner Chaney

    Request the Commissioner attend or speak at an event or request a media interview with the Commissioner or member of MID Staff

  • Social Media

    Mississippi Insurance Department social media outlets.

  • Health Care Letters

    Mississippi Insurance Department Health Care Letters

  • Newsroom Archives

    Archived press releases, photos, videos, notices, and announcements.

  • Weather Disaster Preparedness

    Preparedness Tips, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Lightning, HailIce Storms, Flooding, Earthquakes, Recovery Tips and Contact Information.

  • Home Preparedness

    Buying a home, renters, accidents, vacations/traveling, spring cleaning, protecting pipes, tree trimming, and contact information.

  • Vehicle Preparedness

    Buying a new car, accidents, teen drivers, avoiding deer, and contact information.

  • LifeHealth Preparedness

    Off to college, getting married, growing family, Retirement and contact information.

  • Fire Preparedness

    Fire safety, Family Escape Plans, smoke Alarms, Heating, Cooking, Grilling, Turkey Frying, Holiday Decorating, Fireworks and contact information.

  • Catastrophe Savings Account

    A tax advantaged regular savings account or money market account for catastrophe losses or home self insurance.

  • LOOKING BACK: Disasters in Mississippi

    The firsthand accounts of Mississippians who experienced disaster.

  • Insurance 10 Years After Katrina

    Find out what progress the Mississippi Insurance Department has made in the 10 years following Hurricane Katrina.

  • Factory-Built Homes

    Licensing, forms, safety tips, contact information, and more.

  • Fire Code Enforcement

    DutiesStatutory Authority, Application for Special State/Local Inspector, Building Plan Review Request, Mississippi Fire Prevention Code, contact information, and more.

  • Fire Investigations

    DutiesStatutory Authority, Fire Damage Registry for Insurance Companies, Fire Information Request, Civilian Fire Casualty Report, contact information, and more.

  • Fire Safety Education

    Fire Safety Education Officers, education and resources, Burn Injury Report, Civilian Fire Casualty Report, contact information, and more.

  • Fire Services Development

    State Fire Coordinator, mission, forms, contact information, and more.

  • Liquefied Compressed Gas

    Mission, laws and regulations, forms, State Liquefied Compressed Gas Board, PERC Fund, inspectors, contact information, and more.

  • Pyrotechnics

    Instructions for obtaining a permit, permit application, and contact information.

  • Mississippi Electronic Protection Systems

    Rules and regulations, application and forms, Approved CEU Courses, Electronic Protection Systems Board, and contact information.

  • Fire Standard Compliant Cigarettes

    FSCC Certification, how FSCC Cigarettes work, how retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and consumers are affected, resources and more.

  • ElevatorEscalator Inspections

    Licensing for elevator contractorslimited elevator contractors, elevator inspectors, and elevator mechanicslimited elevator mechanics.

  • Fallen Firefighter Registry

    Online reporting application to track the deaths of firefighters lost in the line of duty and outside the line of duty.

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