IBIS International Business Intelligence Services

IBIS provides motivated, trained,
professional and competent security personnel for
companies, and short term asset protection for Receivers

Permanent or temporary CCTV installation
can be basic or sophisticated and transmitted to an IBIS
Monitoring centre for immediate response.

Enterprise Risk Management is a process
which identifies, evaluates and mitigates many different
kinds and levels of risk. From condominiums to foreign
branch plants, we can identify your vulnerable areas and
provide an unbiased report.


De-Bugging Sweeps


Private Investigation

Since 1976, IBIS has provided accurate, timely, situation specific,
discreet, real world
private investigations. Each
year we work in over 45 Countries.


We enable clients to make informed decisions. We
locate and interview witnesses, take statements, perform
surveillance, gather facts and investigate all of the
circumstances surrounding the incident in question.

IBIS is the expert in
and Due Diligence.
Follow our Fraud Alerts
and take the IBIS challenge.
See how we differentiate
ourselves from others
and some case
to learn more about our company.

Ibis Technical Services include
Computer Forensic
De-Bugging Sweeps
for embassies, companies,
residencies and government facilities

 Investigation Services

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