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Interested in starting a home credit repair business? If you plan to start a business

Interested in starting a home credit repair business? If you plan to start a business of your own with low startup costs and unlimited profit potential, you should give serious consideration to starting a credit repair business. This business is very rewarding, easy, and inexpensive to start.

The basics of this business is learning how to improve a credit report and how to dispute negative entries on that report, in order to improve your client’s credit score. Anywhere from 1/3 to a whopping 90% of credit reports contain errors, so there’s a very high likelihood that everyone’s credit report contains errors. And even ONE error can negatively affect one’s creditworthiness.

Your job is to help people who fall into bad times financially, and to assists them in finding a way out of their financial hardship. In as far as there are problems relate to poor credit you’ll help them improve their credit score.

Over time as you grow in your expertise doing credit repair will become much easier. Your services will always be in demand regardless of the economy, since people will mismanage their finances in any event; it’s for this reason the services you provide with your credit repair business will be needed always. This also means you will never be without a chance to earn high profits.


1. It’s a good idea to help a few people for free before launching your business. That way you can get a few testimonials to “quick start” your business once you’ve launched

2. Have a solid knowledge of credit repair laws, and make certain you always operate “above board”

3. So that you can portray a flawless image, consider membership in the “watchdog of credit repair companies” – the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance, and/or the Better Business Bureau


1. Never forget about your clients needs. Your long-term goal is to turn a profit, but never do so at the expense of your client. In the long run your business will thrive.”

2. Don’t get in too much of a rush to get started; to get quick positive results, it may be tempting to “bend” the law a little. This is the worst mistake you can make!

3. Don’t get in such a rush to make profits that you fail to learn something of the business before hand. You are better off to offer free services to family or close acquaintances, so you can “get your feet wet” before you go public.

With that out of the way, let’s begin

Step 1
Locate a top quality training program. Find some available courses and evaluate based on content and not on price. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. And always keep in mind that what you are looking for is value! – you’ll often find the best value in the middle of the price spectrum.

Get in touch with the merchant. Ask questions. Your goal is to find a good “turnkey” solution that is complete and at the same time affordable.

Step 2
Study diligently and supplement your course material with additional educational experiences. Learn all you can about laws related to credit and credit repair. As the Internet is a wonderful learning tool, online courses in law, credit repair, finance management and counseling, and dispute settlement are some of the aspects you need to learn about in depth.

Step 3
Network! A lot can be gained by interaction with others in the credit repair business. A good start is to join an organization like the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) where you can interact directly with others in the same profession.

Step 4
Start out by helping those around you. Since one out of every three or four Americans have credit problems, the odds are very good that you know someone who needs your help.

Step 5
Don’t neglect the marketing and of your business. Learn to be a good marketer and your chances of success will rise exponentially

Step 6
Whatever else you do always make your customer’s needs the first priority. Don’t ever forget that you’re in business to help people who need your help desperately. If you don’t get this right, you won’t be in business very long.

Also remember that marketing and service quality converge at a certain point – because every time you provide excellent service, you generate an army of word-of-mouth promoters for your business!

Step 7
Keep your business growing. Use your knowledge to continuously promote your business. As your credit repair business continues to grow, you will learn more about fixing credit reports and improving credit scores, and you will become more adept at dealing with complex matters related to your client’s credit.

Few other businesses allow you the opportunity to earn such a great income while helping others solve their problems. The credit repair business is not only very lucrative, but very satisfying as well! It’s a business that lets you help those in need while earning a very good living at the same time.

What more could you want in a business? The time to start is now!

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