Full Attensity Business Intelligence Software Review


What is Attensity?

Attensity is a digital business intelligence solution geared towards data contextualization to allow individuals and organizations to gain in-depth analysis regarding their various business processes. Attensity provides its users with solutions to aid several aspects of the typical business process including, but not limited to, risk analysis, fraud analysis, competitive analysis, brand affinity and brand threat, product launch measurements and metrics, and overall customer experience and satisfaction.


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The software is a digital suite of tools and features that make acquiring and utilizing business intelligence a much more streamlined undertaking. It prides itself on its ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness, especially when it comes to the management of customer experience. Using data analytics powered by the latest trends in data science and backed by tried-and-true marketing business principles, Attensity delivers not just information, but insights. It facilitates for a better informed, and experience-driven decision-making process to drive your business forward and upward.

The business analytics software and its repertoire of business intelligence solutions have been providing businesses and organizations around the world with top-notch management and information systems for over a decade. Attensity specializes in social analytics and digital engagement and is used by thousands of online business platforms around the world.


Attensity allows businesses and organizations to follow the latest trends and make the most of social media and other online social platforms. It extracts and derives real-time information from unstructured data floating around a company’s biosphere. With Attensity, businesses and organizations can unlock the power of social sentiments and measure the customer experience from a litany of various sources. Users gain access to data and insights that would have otherwise been obscured from view.

The BI software is best suited for large enterprises which need to leverage the opinions and expressions of a large customer base to drive success, improve performance, and facilitate better and more effective business decisions. It re-orients an organization towards the accomplishment of their set goals and objectives.

Attensity is a pioneer and one of the world’s first companies to offer business intelligence solutions powered by sentiment analysis and natural language processing. With the software, businesses can derive deep, meaningful, and actionable insights not just from numerical and quantitative figures like sales, profits, hits, etc.  It can also derive data from qualitative information acquired from various platforms. It has the power to extract meaning from customer reviews, evaluations, and opinions. Attensity allows businesses and organizations to measure the overall customer experience with unprecedented accuracy, precision, and depth.

The developers offer several Attensity BI solutions to discerning individual and organization. Each tailored to meet specific client and user needs. Packages and add-on features and functionality cater to the different demands of businesses and organizations engaged in different fields and markets. Attensity’s line of digital business intelligence solutions include:

  • Attensity Analyze
  • Attensity Q
  • Attensity Semantic Notation

The software provider makes these business intelligence solutions available to businesses and organizations with different needs and capabilities. By implementing a quote-based pricing system developers are able to provide services for a business or organization for them to get exactly what they need.


Attensity’s host of business intelligence solutions can be used in many different ways, each amounting to improved and more intelligent business processes. These benefits give users the power to:

Increase profits by getting your timing right

Attensity measures customer experiences and derives from that the needs, wants, demands, and preferences of your target market at any given time. With the Attensity platform for sentiment analysis and processing, companies are provided with an insider look at the market and how it’s performing. This is so that they can better time product launches and provide relevant market offerings. You may already have the right product, but with the insight that Attensity provides, you can have it out at the right time.

Understand customer’s needs intelligently

The business tool uses high-end and expansive processing algorithms to get deep into your customers’ profiles. It intelligently figures out what they want, what they need, and most importantly, what they’re willing to pay for. With Attensity’s natural language processing, users can unlock data and insights that would otherwise be hidden in hundreds of thousands of social media posts, comments, and discussions pertinent to their business and customer experience. They gain an unprecedented understanding of their customers’ needs so they can make all the right decisions for their company.

Identify and seize new opportunities

Attensity and its array of integrated business intelligence solutions let you peek into the hearts and minds of your market. By figuring out how consumers think and feel, Attensity gives its users the power to identify and act upon new business opportunities that are often identified too late to fully benefit from. You can measure how your business performs and use Attensity’s metrics to come up with better strategies and policies to pursue greener pastures for your entire organization.

Stay ahead of the curve

By using advanced social analytics and sentiment analysis, Attensity allows businesses and organizations to stay ahead of the curve and even before the curve makes itself visible. By deriving information straight from persons that influence the curve the most – the consumers. Attensity affords businesses an insider-look of their business fielding various platforms for information regarding what customers want and what they’re looking for. With Attensity, your business can take the lead and cater to the newest and most profitable needs and demands of the market.


Encourage brand loyalty

Attensity’s suite of business intelligence tools and solutions do not just allow businesses to stay ahead of the game, but also give them the power to stay at the top of the game. With Attensity, users are given the power to drive customer satisfaction and customer experience upward. It encourages brand loyalty and increasing brand performance. By looking deep into customer evaluation and deriving from that unsatisfied customer needs, Attensity gives businesses data-backed insights to drive business performance upwards and increase brand loyalty and recognition.

Assess and eliminate threats long before they make an impact

On the negative end of the sentiment spectrum, Attensity assesses and analyzes the worst and least-beneficial customer experiences, and uses this information to provide businesses with insights to address threats to their brands. By identifying customer insights from the way they express their evaluations and opinions, businesses can assess hazards and weaknesses long before they make any significant impact on the company’s performance.

Cut costs and improve brand efficiency

Attensity delivers improved efficiency to businesses by reducing costs and increasing overall performance. Attensity provides its users with information, data-driven insights, and a birds-eye view of every customer’s experience so that the right decisions can be executed with confidence. With Attensity, users experience reduced risk, lowered costs, reduced wastage, and overall improved business efficiency.


Attensity offers three different business intelligence solutions geared towards various business needs and processes. The three solutions offered are Attensity Analyze, Attensity Q, and Attensity Semantic Annotation. They all integrate seamlessly with one another and come with specific features that make them better suited for specific needs. Features within each package are supplementary with each other and when combined, creates a powerful solution that covers every angle of your business operations.


Attensity Analyze

Attensity Analyze is Attensity’s flagship business intelligence solution and comes with a plethora of features that give it incredible value for the businesses looking to gain a better lead.

Advanced Discussion Analytics

Users can discover data and insights with Attensity Analyze straight from discussions and conversations pertaining to their product.  The tool enables you to peer through insights gathered from the biggest social media platforms across the digital landscape. With Advanced Discussion Analytics, Attensity Analyze can derive and extract even the most obscure references of every customer’s experience. Businesses are then able to figure out how they perform at the individual level.

Behavior Profiling

Attensity Analyze comes with the best and latest digital consumer behavior profiling method. It allows users to have the power to fully understand their customers’ needs and motivations. This unique feature enables them to address customer needs and provide market offerings that give overwhelming satisfaction and positive experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Using context and sentiment processing algorithms, Attensity Analyze gets detailed and in-depth data scrutiny that uncovers customer sentiments regarding your products and brands. With intimate knowledge of your customer’s experience, Attensity Analyze users gain a competitive edge in identifying unique opportunities.

Monitor Customer Excitements and Interests

Businesses are able to figure out how much buzz and hype their brands or products are generating. By tracking excitements and interests in your product across multiple platforms, users can utilize these insights to measure marketing performance to make better decisions. This, in turn, drives brand recognition and company success.


Predictive Market Analytics

Attensity Analyze uses data-driven predictions to help business and organizations stay on top of latest trends and market patterns. The BI tool intelligently aggregates these data before they even come to light. With Attensity Analyze, users have the power not just to keep up with the latest market trends, but set the bar to be pioneers behind what’s hot and popular.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

With all the power and performance provided by Attensity Analyze business analytics, the user interface compromises nothing by its way of ease-of-use and accessibility. Attensity Analyze is built and designed with an excellent user experience in mind. The intuitive and integrated drag-and-drop dashboard function simplifies user tasks so they never have to dig around to find the data they need.

Attensity Q

Customer Text Targeting

With Attensity Q, users can derive meaningful and actionable insights from text-based sources they want to target – whether it’s related to customer experiences and satisfaction, the competitive scene, industry standards, and other market influencers.

Market Research & Brand Analytics

The analytics tool allows users to perform in-depth, far-reaching, and wide-ranging brand analysis and market research. Companies around the world make business decisions based on the results of extensive market research efforts. But with Attensity Q, users have the power to research different markets and assess brand performance across massive populations and over the internet.

Makes Social Media your Focus Group

With Attensity Q, user horizons in terms of data sources are broadened exponentially. Attensity Q allows users to harness and unlock the power of social media and leverage them as the world’ largest focus group – far more extensive and a far richer platform than typical surveys or telemarketing interviews.


Descriptive Product Discovery

Derive key product descriptions and measure product performance or issues with Attensity Q. This business solution gives users the power to uncover certain words and phrases used to describe the brand and its products. The Descriptive Product Discovery feature gives businesses and organizations great visualization of how they are performing in the market.

Semantic Analysis

Users are able to derive meaning from various sources of unstructured data. It allows them to uncover customer experience metrics from posts, discussions, and comments of clients and customers around the world.

Attensity Semantic Annotation

Attensity Semantic Annotation was released with a singular objective: to provide high-end, cutting-edge text analytics that is both intuitive and intelligent.


To ensure a rich business intelligence solution that caters perfectly to the varying needs of individuals and organizations, Attensity follows a quote-based pricing system for all of its integrated software solutions. You may contact them here to receive a product demonstration or to request a quote.

Technical Details

Attensity and its various business intelligence and analytical software solutions are available for use on the latest Windows and MacOS devices. For further information regarding the technical details, you may visit their website.

Currently, Attensity is offered with support for the English language only.

Support Details

Attensity offers excellent customer service and support users of any of its business intelligence solutions. For product inquiries, usage questions, customer service, or technical support, users may contact Attensity via email or phone.

Developers also provide users with an excellent online troubleshooting system that implements support tickets for fast and reliable issue resolution.

Another great thing about Attensity support is that provide various resources and learning tools to train users to maximize the power and efficiency of their platform. Attensity provides training in the use of Attensity Analyze and Attensity Q to make sure that users are able to use their tools to meet their goals and requirements.


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