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A lot of people try to credit my success in business to “going to business

A lot of people try to credit my success in business to “going to business school”.
Yes, I went to NYU Stern.
But let me set the record straight.
No, it did not teach me how to run a business. At all. Period. Point blank.
Ok, glad we got that out of the way.
One thing that has been crucial to my success and being profitable each year for the last 7 years in business has been a mastery of finance and accounting.
No, not the type you learn in business school that is theoretical and for large companies.
I’m talking about the type of finance and accounting you need to run a real, profitable, cash flow generating small business.
This year I’m launching what I’m calling “The course I wish NYU Stern would have taught me”
Ok, maybe I won’t call it that.
Let’s go with “Finance for Agencies”.
Each course at NYU cost ~$5,000 when I was there.
Why so much less? 
Because I want it to be accessible to more people.
Why not free then? 
  1. People don’t value free things. I want people to actually learn. And if you put money up, there’s a greater chance you will actually do that.
  2. There’s a sh*tload of value here.
  3. This is a course about money, after all. With all that money I’m about to help you put in your pocket I need to make some money too 😉
If you’re running a business, I without a doubt think this is worth 10X any class at NYU or other business school you can take.
Why? Because it’s written by someone who operated a profitable small business for 7 years.
I want to teach you the real sh*t you need to run a business.

By the way, if you’re wondering how profitable my agency was, in 2018 my agency did ~$800k in profit. 

We also made the 2019 Inc. 5000 list for fastest growing companies:

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