Entrepreneurship vocabulary, Entrepreneurship word list

Entrepreneurship Vocabulary Word List (312) A) Ability, Acceptance, Access, Accolades, Accord, Accountable, Achievement, Acknowledge, Actual,

Entrepreneurship Vocabulary Word List (312)

A) Ability, Acceptance, Access, Accolades, Accord, Accountable, Achievement, Acknowledge, Actual, Acumen, Addition, Adjustments, Advance, Advantage, Advice, Advise, Affect, Affirmation, Agreement, Analysis, Announcement, Apex, Application, Approach, Approval, Aspire, Assistance, Associate, Assumption, Assurance, Attainment, Attitude, Audacious, Authority
B) Bank, Belief, Believe, Benchmark, Benefactor, Bold, Brain, Broadcast, Business, Business, Business plan
C) California, Can-do, Capital, Capitalization, Care, Cautious, Change, Classes, Co-founder, Cognition, Collaboration, Colleagues, Collective, Commercial, Commit, Commitment, Communication, Company, Complex, Comprehensive, Computer, Concentrate, Confidential, Consult, Content, Courses, Create, Creative, Credit, Criteria, Critical, Criticism, Crucial, Culture
D) Data, Debt, Decide, Decision, Dedication, Degree, Desirable, Develop, Device, Devote, Differentiation, Direct, Direction, Disadvantage, Discipline, Disclose, Discourse, Discretion, Discriminate, Discuss, Distribution, Diverse, Dividend, Documentation, Domain, Dream
E) Economics, Edge, Education, Effect, Effort, Elements, Embark, Employment, Encouragement, Endorsement, Energy, Enterprise, Error, Esteem, Evaluate, Evidence, Exchange, Executive, Expand, Expansion, Expectations, Expenses, Experiment
F) Factual, Failure, Family-friendly, Feedback, Fees, Fervor, Finance, Financier, Find, Foreign, Foresight, Formality, Forte, Founder, Freedom
G) Gain, Garner, Gauge, Generate, Global, Government, Guess
H) Helpful, Heterogeneous, Historical, Hopes
I) Ideas, Identify, Ignite, Implement, Incent, Incorrect, Independence, Industry, Influence, Information, Informed, Initiate, Innovative, Institute, Integration, Intense, Interest, International, Interpretation, Invent, Inventive, Invest, Investment
J) Join, Judgment, Jump-start
L) Liability, Limitless, Local
M) Manage, Marketing, Maturity, Milieu, Money, Motion, Motivated
N) National, Necessary, Needed, Network, New, Numbers
O) Obsession, Occupy, Offering, Online, Operation, Operations, Orientation
P) Pace, Partner, Path, Performance, Persistent, Pertinent, Phenomenon, Ponder, Position, Possibility, Prayer, Presentation, Principled, Probe, Product, Professional, Progress, Proof, Public offering, Purpose
Q) Qualifications, Quality, Qualm, Query
R) Reaction, Reception, Recession, Regard, Registration, Regulation, Reinforcement, Relationships, Represent, Reputation, Resolve, Resources, Response, Returns, Revenue, Revolutionary, Right, Risk
S) Sale, Scientific, Scope, Security, Seed money, Semiconductor, Set forth, Setback, Shareholder, Shoestring, Silicon Valley, Skeptics, Solve, Stability, Stages, Start-up, Statistics, Stock, Struggle, Studies, Success, Summarize, Support, System
T) Talking, Taxation, Technique, Technology, Terms, Think, Think tank, Thorough, Time, Time frame, Tone, Track record, Transmit, Trend, Trial, Trouble
U) Unchartered, Understanding, Undertaking, Unit, Universal, University, Useful
V) Variety, Viewpoint, Viral, Visionary, Vocal, Vow
W) Wage, Wall Street, Way, Work, World, Wrong
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