Creative Entrepreneurship Online Course – Berklee Online


Lesson 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Deconstructing the Entrepreneurial Myth
  • Seeing the World Entrepreneurially
  • What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Roger Brown, Founder, Bright Horizons, President, Berklee College of Music

Lesson 2: Learn to Observe: Balancing Left and Right Brain

  • Five Skills Successful Innovators Share
  • What Is Your Innovator’s DNA?
  • Seeing What Others Don’t
  • Good Things Come to Those Who Observe
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Diane Hessan (The Startup Institute)

Lesson 3: Developing Your Vision, Getting Input and Reducing

  • Connect with Your Intentions
  • Techniques on Discovering Your Intentions
  • Why Should People Care?
  • Asking the Right People the Right Questions
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Bill Warner (Founder of Avid and Wildfire)

Lesson 4: Prototyping and Iterating

  • Falling in Love with the Problem
  • Prototyping
  • Learning to Iterate, Or, Living in Permanent Beta
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Rich Goodstone (co-founder of Superfly)

Lesson 5: Sizing Up Your Market and Competition

  • Understanding Your Market
  • Sizing Up Your Market: Top Down vs. Bottom Up Look
  • Crossing the Chasm, Or, Making It Big Time
  • Addressing Customer Needs
  • Sizing Up Competition
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Emilio and Gloria Estefan

Lesson 6: Developing Your Brand, Marketing Message, and Plan

  • What is a Brand After All?
  • Authenticity and Your Brand
  • Developing Your Message and Making It “Stick”
  • Developing Your Marketing Plan
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Stephen Canfield (Red Bull)

Lesson 7: Inbound Marketing and Social Media

  • How to Think About Engagement
  • Treating Followers Like Customers
  • Stand Out – Be Remarkable
  • Social Media Outlets – A Primer

Lesson 8: The Perfect Pitch: Presentation and Sales Essentials

  • So, What Makes a Great Presentation?
  • Learn to Present
  • Presentation Secrets of Rock Stars
  • A Word on Body Language

Lesson 9: Building the Right Team and Culture

  • Company Culture
  • The Pixar Way
  • Building Your Team
  • Building an Advisory Board
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Paul English (Founder Kayak)

Lesson 10: Legal and Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurship

  • Creating Your Corporate Entity
  • Start-Up Documents Overview
  • Founding Team and First Hires
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Basics
  • The Case of Bootstrapping
  • Financing Options (If You Must Raise Money)
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Alex Rigopoulous (Harmonix)

Lesson 11: The Art of Relationship Building

  • Developing Your Network
  • The Care and Feeding of Relationships
  • All Business Is Personal
  • Music to My Ears
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Lyor Cohen (Music Industry Executive)

Lesson 12: The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

  • What They Don’t Tell You About in Business School
  • Failure is Part of the Process – Accept It
  • Setting Priorities – Urgent vs. Important
  • Learn to Replenish
  • Entrepreneur Profile: Tim Westergreen, Founder, Pandora

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