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Clinical and business intelligence is the aggregation, analysis, and use of clinical, financial, operational, and non-traditional data captured inside and out of the healthcare setting to directly inform decision-making. It has the power to positively impact patient care delivery, health outcomes, and business operations. Leveraging the power of clinical and business intelligence will improve our nation’s entire healthcare system as well as the medical and economic wellness of patients.

Clinical and business intelligence solutions aggregate data from IT systems and other non-traditional data sources into secure repositories or federated databases for the purpose of analysis. Combining the best of both business intelligence and clinical intelligence, it provides historical and predictive views of the organization’s operations — and a similar view of clinical care — in order to enable better business decisions and improve patient care delivery, all while improving the organization’s fiscal sustainability.

HIMSS’s clinical and business intelligence efforts empower members with practical guidance and unbiased information on how to harness data to inform accountable, high-quality patient care and fuel unparalleled business insight – all the while improving an organization’s fiscal performance.

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HIMSS Addresses the Challenges of Using Data to Benefit Patients (Diane M. Carr, MA, FHIMSS, Deputy Executive Director, North Bronx Healthcare Network)

Summary: HIMSS past-Board of Directors Member and first Clinical and Business Intelligence Committee chair Diane Carr, FHIMSS, describes the impact of the explosion of electronic health records (EHRs) on providers and health systems.


Public Policy Principles that Help and Hinder the Use of Data Capture to Help Patients (Thompson H. Boyd III, MD. CPHIMS, Physician Liaison, Hahnemann University Hospital)

Summary: The blaze of activity on Capitol Hill includes discussions on several issues, including patient data matching, interoperability and the need for advocacy and calls to action from the industry.

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