Business Trends for the Small Business and Home-Based Entrepreneur

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Trends represent a shift in consumer needs and demands, and business ideas are often spurred by growing trends. It is important for home-based entrepreneurs to think beyond the common home business ideas out there and consider trending markets.

Trends represent the biggest demand, which in turn means healthy profits and bottom line. It is what consumers want, and what they are buying. Unlike fads which are short-live, trends have greater staying power.

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Here are some growing trends that offer home business entrepreneurs with huge opportunities:

Trend: Healthy Living

Consumers are increasingly seeking active lifestyles and healthy food. More and more individuals are focusing on health, wellness, and active lifestyles. The health and wellness trend has seeped into a number of areas, including how people eat, where they shop, and what clothes they are wearing. People are becoming aware of the importance of getting fit and maintaining healthy lifestyles, while capabilities to track overall fitness have improved.

This growing awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle has created opportunities for small business entrepreneurs. Here are some business ideas that are enjoying success due to the wellness and health sector:

Trend: Sustainable and Ethical

Consumers have started to grasp the concept of sustainability. While many are still unable to change their consumption habits, an increasing number of people want to be “good.” They want to consume, but they want to do it guilt-free. And businesses are responding by providing eco-conscious products that will allow these consumers to indulge, but without the guilt.

Even high-fashion brands have adopted the trend: Gucci has been selling sunglasses and footwear made with biodegradable plastics. Stella McCartney uses biodegradable rubber soles with mock croc and faux leather uppers for her shoes. Products can be expensive and chic – but created with a view to sustainable living.

Some business ideas that follow the guilt-free trend include:

  • Healthy foods that offer guilt-free indulgence
  • Biodegradable clothing and accessories
  • Ethical fashion

Trend: Mindful Living

One of the biggest trends in recent years is mindfulness. Mindful living is the craving for a sense of reflection and ease, far away from the overstimulation caused by everyday life. It is the desire to clear the clutter in the mind, find balance and life and focus on the present moment.

On the Web, a search of the term “mindfulness” in Google Trends shows a strong upward trend:

mindfulness trend
Some of the growing segments with regards to mindfulness practices include:

  • Yoga and meditation such as the ideas mentioned in the 5 New Age Home Business Ideas
  • Mindfulness and Emotional intelligence training programs – this is a good market for executive coaches and consultants
  • Websites focusing on tools to help achieve mindfulness
  • Accessories and fashion (e.g. for yoga practitioners)

Trend: Mobile

The mobile device has reshaped communication. More and more people use mobile devices to keep connected and access the Web at anytime, anywhere. It helps empower people by giving them access to education, health, financial and other important tools. As a result, mobile is changing how businesses interact with their customers. For entrepreneurs who spend more time away from their desks, mobile devices have allowed us to do our business on the go.

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Here are business ideas focused on the mobile trend:

  • Mobile-ready websites, such as responsive web designs
  • Location-based services
  • Mobile security
  • Mobile apps and games

Trend: Technology

Everyone is so connected to everyone, everywhere and every time. Advancements in technology and devices have made our connected lives possible. Business ideas based on newer technologies that are poised for mainstream adoption are clear winners, such as:


The huge wearable technology market is growing rapidly. There are two main types of wearable technology: devices; and apparel and textile. Some of the wearables include smart watches, glasses, jewelry, headgear, belts, armwear, wristwear, legwear, footwear, skin patches, exoskeletons and e-textiles.


3d Printing

The 3D printing industry is expected to rapidly grow in the next 3 years. This growth will be due to the availability of lower-priced 3D printers and affordable materials, which will widen the market for 3D printing.


Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

There’s a lot of buzz and hype in virtual reality, with Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of Oculus, Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens. There’s a lot of potential business ideas on the use of virtual reality for entertainment and games, virtual tourism, architectural previews, or even as empathy machine (e.g. experience a day in the life of a homeless person).

trend - virtual reality

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Business Trends for the Small Business and Home-Based Entrepreneur

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Business Trends for the Small Business and Home-Based Entrepreneur


Trends represent a shift in consumer needs and demands, and business ideas are often spurred by growing trends. Here are some growing trends that offer home business entrepreneurs with huge opportunities


Isabel M. Isidro

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