Business Intelligence – What is it? Definition, Examples and More

“Business intelligence technologies are essential to running today’s businesses (Chaudhuri et al., 2011)” The theory

The theory reviews the notion of Business Intelligence and discusses the conditions necessary to make good decisions. It also explains how it helps organisations to unlock the hidden potential of data.

Technique Overview

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Definition

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of finding, gathering, aggregating and analysing information for decision-making (Saggion et al., 2007). It employs a set of technologies that allow the acquisition and analysis of data to improve company decision-making and work-flows (Herschel and Jones, 2005). Moss and Atre (2003) define business intelligence as an architecture and collection of integrated operational as well as decision-support applications and database that provide the business community easy access to business data.

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Business Evidence

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Business Application

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