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Tools which make your business to skyrocket market Business intelligence software tools are very essential

Tools which make your business to skyrocket market

Business intelligence software tools are very essential to any business and businesses need to leverage on them to get data. Businesses can, therefore, use these intelligence software tools to ideally interpret big complex data and stay ahead of their game.

Ideally, they offer solutions that range from collecting data, analyzing the data to converting it into some reports that the company can get valuable insight from. Through this, the business is able to make a lot of money and meet or surpass its goal in the long run.

There are so many business intelligence software solutions however and it can be quite a task to identify the one that is best suited for you. To determine the best business intelligence software tools to use you need to consider its features, pricing, and functionalities.

Below are some of the best business intelligence software tools available in the market that you can leverage on.


Sisense is great business intelligence software that has been ranked top by most users. It is recommended because it helps businesses to collect, combine, analyze and view data. This data is then used by a particular company to make important decisions and strategic plans for the company. It has a drag and drops functionality that helps collates all the data you need into a singular dashboard.

Another appealing thing about Sisense is the fact that it has an interface that is very simple to use and hence users find navigating the system quite easy. It is one of the trusted software as it also produces reliable analysis that is in visual form hence making it hassle-free for the users. This makes it easier for users to immediately visualize and also analyze disparate and large datasets.

In addition, it uses advanced In-chip technology. This allows it to search for data from a large scale of users and terabytes of data.

In summary, its greatest assets are;

  • Data mash-ups
  • It is a centralized data hub
  • It has interactive dashboards
  • It has an attractive visualization


This is one of the business intelligence tools that stand out from the rest. This is attributed to the fact that it boasts of having a connector support and having the widest dataset. It generates understandable visualization of data that the user can get actionable insights from.

In addition, it has social collaboration features that help get valuable insight on behaviors on social media, interest, and conversations. With this tool, you can view all the real-time data by just using a single dashboard. The system‘s interface is attractive and the best part is that the platform is mobile optimized hence can generate reports on your smartphone.


This is a very easy to use business intelligence tool. With this tool, no programming skills or knowledge is needed to create, publish or share dashboards with colleagues or customers. This software is able to get to many information sources, import the data and also visualize data within a short time. The software has a native mobile app which essentially means that users can be able to access it from anywhere to do their various tasks.

Additionally, it allows analysis of data using drag-drop functionality. It is also very easy to use and also fosters collaboration between group analytics and their team at all times.


Like some other business intelligence software tools, Looker just requires basic SQL knowledge to use it. It allows users with basic coding skills to use their own design visualization and analytics modules. A key highlight of this platform is the fact that it analyzes web hosted and SQL information. It also accommodates over 25 data variations.  The collaboration tools enable you to share reports effortlessly either through URLs or emails to third parties.

The highlight features for this include;

  • It has fully exportable and customizable reports, charts and graphs
  • It has a browser-based interface
  • It has great collaboration tools

Best VPN for Windows

Incorporate setups, in addition to using business intelligence software tools to make business decisions, you also need VPN for your employees for efficiency. Using VPNs is nowadays is not just cyberpunk as a while back. VPN helps in protecting private data of any organization as relying on firewalls and antivirus alone is not very effective.

VPS enables your activities on the internet and the data you send or receive to be invisible to others. This is because the internet is public and most times as you access it, someone is profiling you. There are many VPNs out there but if you are looking for the best VPN for Windows we have a few recommendations based on experience and research.

NordVPN is popular and most people say it is the best VPN for windows. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it has top-notch privacy and security. It uses AES-256 to encrypt data which is a basically impenetrable level of encryption. ExpressVPN is also an all-around incredible VPN with amazing features that also uses AES-256 cipher hence one is guaranteed of no leakages.


Seeing as Business intelligence software tools have multiple benefits, it is important for every business to invest in getting one that will serve them. The best part is that the benefits that the business gets from these tools are not only for the large business. Whether you are on a budget or not, you will definitely get one that will suit your needs.

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