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Driver Better Business Outcomes With Our End-To-End Business Intelligence Services To Make Informed And Faster Decisions

Rishabh Software enables companies to make better decisions with proficient business intelligence (BI) services. In our experience, the future-centric organizations are seeking modernization of their BI infrastructures and practices to improve their business agility and efficiency. It comprises of information management, data quality, and data integration. We offer forecasting, performance analysis, trend analysis, strategy & optimization consulting, customer analysis, financial reporting and more.

Through our BI services, we help the customers leverage business information to optimize their capabilities and make informed decisions. Rishabh Software works closely with the customers to assess their end goals and challenges. It starts with the consultation to choose the most appropriate solution that not only meets their needs but also offers them a competitive edge.

Rishabh Software Business Intelligence Services Differentiators

With proven technology resources, our solutions help businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and allow easy integration across other platforms and applications. Therefore, we are the business intelligence implementation and services partner of choice for several organizations.

Our Business Intelligence Offerings:

  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Report Scheduling & Automation
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Mart Development

Technology Stack:

Data Visualization

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Knowage
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Data Warehouse

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Talend
  • Pentaho Kettle
  • Hadoop

Unlock The Power Of BI Our team can help you make better and faster decisions by delivering powerful solutions.

Benefits of BI Application Development

Our business intelligence development team conducts a holistic assessment of structuring your business objectives with appropriate differentiation with your competition. Our BI consultants have the inherent capability to manage and deliver your end-to-end engagement, from data warehousing and analysis to reporting and visualization. We help evaluate your business environment with how to structure the business for companies and what they need to do to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We take a holistic assessment of internal company objectives and resources to help you understand how to define and execute on your marketing and business goals properly. The expert team of business intelligence consultants evaluates all the parameters that help drive business impact. It is with ensuring that the customers are equipped with the right information to make informed decisions on resource allocation. Further, our business intelligence application development team take a holistic assessment of company objectives, business goals, and resources to help you understand on how to define and execute on creating solutions.

Therefore, if you seek a complete business intelligence implementation or BI consulting assistance, Rishabh Software can help you across all aspects. Our team has the required skill sets and experience to take advantage of open source technologies like Pentaho, Hadoop, and MongoDB to ensure the smooth operation of your business processes.

Our experienced and proficient BI software development team provides a comprehensive and custom set of recommendations that convert insights into actionable elements. Rishabh Software helps address unique needs for organizations that include the creation of SWOT analysis, overall business strategy evaluation, forecasting, product analysis, or competitive analysis.

Why Choose Our Team For Business Intelligence Services?

Proven Delivery Model

Proven Delivery Model

We offer analysis and reporting that cover various aspects of the business at competitive rates with experienced business intelligence professionals.

Transparent & Collaborative Approach

Transparent & Collaborative Approach

We apply an agile methodology with tailored reports and dashboards to match the customer goals and timeline.

Data Integration Capability

Data Integration Capability

We enable data analysis from multiple data sources that help organizations meet their short-and long-term business needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Our consistent project delivery with open communication by the dedicated project management teams ensure accelerating outcomes for the customers.

Leverage Our Development Services Hire an ace development team to take care of your project requirements

BI solutions market has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. It is with numerous innovations, technologies, and tools. The ever-changing market dynamics are making it challenging the enterprises to select the technology solutions that are best fit for their business requirements and according to their existing technology environment. Therefore, it is critical for businesses of all sizes to work with business intelligence solution providers, like Rishabh Software to avail a customized business intelligence software solution.

However, most of them struggle on where to start. We help map our customers with unique workflows and information systems as part of our analytics technology landscape. Through our business intelligence consulting focus, we consult with relevant frameworks and tools to offer and develop enterprise business intelligence solutions. In addition to this, as part of our consulting imperative, we deliver system and data architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps.

Our business intelligence development services are a mix of our expertise in BI technical aspect along with broader business domain experience.

As an enterprise business intelligence services company, along with our customers, we analyze the key performance indicators that would have a long-term impact on the organization. Further, we even collaborate with our customers to develop future-proof plans that deliver tactical wins and strategic successes.

Rishabh Software Advantages

  • Get experienced teams and achieve superior time to market & time to service record
  • Building software for enterprises since 2000
  • Consistent quality, ISO 9001 /27001 and CMMI certified processes
  • 100% clean track record in IPR and source code protection
  • Scalable infrastructure support for your growth needs
  • Flexible engagement models – fixed cost, full-time or part-time hiring, developer by hour
  • Cost leadership & superior ROI for your IT initiatives
  • In Short – “Your IT partner for sustainable growth”

Leverage Our Business Intelligence Services Rishabh Software’s team can offer the right fit solutions for your BI requirements.

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