Business & Finance

Cheryl Sadro
Cheryl A. Sadro, CPA, MSM
Executive Vice President,
Chief Business and Finance Officer

Our Business and Finance team consists of approximately 1,300 women and men who
provide “behind-the-scenes” support for UTMB’s health system, educational programs
and research enterprise.

We are the people who hire and train staff, process invoices and build budgets,
renovate and repair facilities, build and clean our hospitals and clinics, keep
computers running, provide hot meals to patients and employees, advertise our programs
and services, pay our employees and our vendors…basically, all of the support functions
that keep UTMB running.

We developed this website for a number of reasons. First, the satisfaction surveys
we conducted in December 2009 indicated our customers wanted greater accessibility,
better communication and improved responsiveness. This new site is the first in
a series of actions we’ll be implementing to respond to customer needs and improve
our services in each of our areas.

Second, we are proud of the work we do and of our people who work hard to support
UTMB’s goals. We want you to know who we are and what we do. We hope this site will
make it easier for you to locate, access and understand Business and Finance operations.

Since we welcome input on how to continuously improve, this website will also be
a work in progress that will evolve and expand over time to meet the needs of the
diverse communities we serve. Whether you are a patient, faculty member, student,
alumni, vendor or colleague, we are pleased to be of service to you.

Thanks for your support.

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