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By Harry Tasker | 11/18/10 – 16:36 It’s no secret that many businesses in the last two

It’s no secret that many businesses in the last two years have suffered because of the economic downturn. Some of them have had to make redundancies; some have had to scale back output and unfortunately some of them have ceased to exist. So how do we buck this trend? How do we prosper in adversity? Even the most narrow-minded boss would have to be willing to learn how to keep their business afloat in these unsteady waters.

Spencer Green is the Chairman of GDS International, a media and events company in Bristol, England. Spencer Green founded GDS International 16 years ago. Like most aspiring businesses in the early 90s, GDS International was riding the crest of a colossal economic wave, weaving in out of events and media in already established markets, but more importantly investing time and research into the emerging markets.
Unlike most companies in their early years, Spencer Green was persistent in marketing to emerging markets in places such as China, India and Latin America – learning the ethos, culture and how these nations did business, which would come to serve him and GDS International very nicely in years to come. These periods spent in Asia and Latin America would allow GDS International to grow rapidly in the ongoing recession.

GDS International is now hosting summits, covering all major business verticals in every corner of the earth. And the company is continuing to grow globally. The lessons learnt from Spencer’s time in the emerging markets of the 90s have paid dividends today. GDS International now has offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, New York and Sydney, and is soon to expand its operations in South America.

The vast majority of businesses that are struggling now did not invest enough time and research into the economies of tomorrow. Organizations whose primary customers are that of Europe and North America had no contingency plan to offer their services to developing and burgeoning markets should their target audience decrease trading.

“There is a not a definitive answer I can give any suffering business in the current economic climate. What I can say is that GDS International spent resources in fruitful economic times researching the regions that are now making us successful today,” Spencer Green said.

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