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Sorry im really here to just vent but im very sick of this corporate rhetoric that Allstate Inc and other companies alike are literally pushing to grow and grow and make more money in a time of a pandemic and economic downturn. I work in a small agency and i really love what i do but during times like these they really are showing their true demonic blue colors.

In the beginning Allstate has suspended our production quotas for the end of April 30th and even tried to save face from public scrutiny because the Insurance Industry is one of those industries that has not been so affected like others during this time by doing their “15% pay back” which in reality is a fucking joke. Many agents can work remotely or even still in their office with the exceptions of no walk ins. However, i find it ridiculous that regardless of the unemployment rate being at 26 million at the moment they really expect us to call these people incessantly to see if they would like a quote, considering we are not competitive with prices

I really doubt that shopping for car/home insurance is on peoples minds right now, in fact its the total opposite they want to either cancel, delay or lower their payments just to catch up with more IMPORTANT things like i dunno groceries, medications, rent, mortgage payment etc. i just cant believe the unrealistic detachment from reality. I understand they need to satisfy their big ol hedge fund share holders but in all honesty they can suck a dick. Their stock price is doing the same if not slightly better than last quarter and yet all they can think about is sucking the money out of people’s pockets.

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