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Hello there, how you doing the social connector here Friday morning with an AIMC Business Entrepreneur Tip of the week. So here we are we are just at the tail end of our sixth week of this quarantine the stay at home order that we have and you know, hey, it’s been a crazy past six weeks. you know as you know the media is out there just costly throwing this virus. The fear and things are really crazy and there’s crazy unemployment right now as a result of the shutdown and you know people are feeding into that, like crazy and there’s a lot of issues. that’s this this is causing you know people are just living in fear but you know, I’ll tell you one thing you could feed it to that fear and then that fear becomes a lack of results. When you come to your life, you can consume so much into that. So what I. Yes and what I’ve been doing for the past six weeks. these past six weeks have been pretty amazing for my business. you know I have a digital marketing. I have a product, brokerage business health and wellness. what I’ve been doing is. I’ve been focusing. I’ve been really focusing on what I need to get done really looking at my goals, write my goals down having a situation where I always wanna make sure I focus on that one thing that day to take my business. Is my career and my education to the next level? you know less news more focus. So I’ve been you know. listen to a lot of great webinars. I’ve been that’s run through networking events. I’ve met some great new people using some of the online tools. I mean, everyone’s probably heard the Zoom by now right, so you know, use tools like that and really focus you get to know people you know I have a group called Mass professional networking and you know I’ve. About four events so far and I think this past six weeks and I’ve met some amazing people. so what I’m doing is. I’m focusing. I’m turning that negativity from fear and a positive energy and taking advantage of the situation because this is really if you if this time now is the time to take advantage of taking yourself your career and your brand to the next level and focus on that cuz you know. Where where our House is were online, where we’re you know, we’re not sitting in traffic or you know so this is it and I’m doing that right now. I know a lot of my colleagues are doing that right now. They are just turning that energy. you know that it’s actually moving from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. It’s to our webinar on that last night and really turn that into action. so once you focus when you focus on something you’re gonna have action, I have to take action against that if you fear. You procrastinate that leads to depression and you get enough it done you just consumed and negative negativity. So what I suggest you do you’ll take a step back today is Friday just shut the news off you know what’s going on in the world? We don’t need the news to drill it into your head. What is going on? We know take this time to better yourself focus on something you have passion with. It’s a business hobby. You know focus on that. I have three guitars behind me. You know. I’m playing a guitar one now you know you just focus on things that take you so to the next level cuz you’ll say wealth is not the same money in the Bank Wells this how much you know your knowledge who you know your network that is wealth have a great day. Take care of yourselves. Share this video. Share my page and if you need a. Anything you need a business ideas. Please let me know and have a great day.

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