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DV2 Sequences, Hash Keys, Business Keys – Candid Look

primary key options for data vault 2.0 this entry is a candid look (technical, unbiased view) of the three alternative primary key options in a data vault 2.0 model.  there are pros and cons to each selection.  i hope you enjoy this factual entry. (more…)

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Want to change or add a #DataVault Standard?

for many years, i have built, authored and maintained the #datavault standards.  this includes data vault 1.0, and data vault 2.0.  there are others in the community who believe that “these standards should evolve and be changed by consensus of the general public”. (more…)

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Data Vault System of BI

#DataVault Issues Resolved

a quick update of old issues, and new solutions for data vault, cdvp2, data vault system of business intelligence, and why it’s pertinent to successful enterprise data warehouses.

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#datavault 2.0 and #disciplinedagiledelivery One Day Sprints!

hello everyone,  i have been able to help teams achieve one day sprints for delivery with data vault 2.0!  i am happy to say, that following disciplined agile delivery (dad by scott ambler and mark lines) that we can reduce the sprints to half day or one day.  in this entry i will talk about […]

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Intro to Getting data out of #DataVault

it has come to my attention that the “industry” believes (incorrectly) that getting data out of a data vault is difficult, if not impossible.  this is so far off the truth it isn’t even funny.  individuals can find the right information in the book in chapter 6, and in depth discussions in the data vault […]

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