Day: August 15, 2020

How Business Intelligence is helping businesses navigate a crisis

  • A report of 500 companies shows Business Intelligence tool usage has risen amid COVID-19 crisis
  • It demonstrates how data insights can provide business clarity in a period of market uncertainty
  • Findings may also points towards better utility of tools and solutions, as organizations take stock of their toolboxes

Businesses are under pressure to prove themselves ‘data-driven’ today, and really, there is little excuse not to be. Where leaders of the past had to rely on gut instinct, the advice of peers, news reports, and customer surveys and the like, today’s enterprises generate data by the minute, all which holds holds valuable, strategy-shaping insight.

Of course, combing through this vast mass of data – generated, collected and stored across various departments and databases throughout the business – is the key challenge, and one that Business Intelligence tools have sought to solve. 

Business Intelligence (BI) strategies and technologies have now been in

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