Day: July 14, 2020

Business Intelligence – FreedomPay

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Analytics That Exist

Capture. Act. Profit.

Our platform captures exceedingly detailed data and automatically structures it into our user-friendly analytics component. Want to infuse your own data? That can happen too, and it all seamlessly integrates into the demand generating side of the platform.  It becomes actionable intelligence! Save millions and months by leveraging the power of Next Level Commerce™.  

Actually Target Consumers

Goodbye fuzzy math – welcome to consumer centric commerce reality.

Because our analytics live on our platform, and that platform is integrated into your demand and fulfillment side (i.e., the payments and identity) – there is no guess work. The consumers you track and segment in the analytics engine are automatically available for presentment of incentives. Know the truth.  It is much easier to manage to in our world (even if you can’t handle it).

Finding Signals from the Noise
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