Day: May 10, 2020

2020 Business Intelligence Software – Trends, Drivers, & Inhibitors

The “Business Intelligence Software” report has been added to’s offering.


‘Business Intelligence Software’ a new Global Outlook Report by the author, provides analyses of the current trends, drivers, and inhibitors impacting the Business Intelligence Software market. The report outlines the evolution of Business Intelligence technologies, and identifies and assesses the best performing vendors in the market. This report also presents a view of the revenue opportunities in the Business Intelligence market through to 2023, highlighting the market size and growth by technology, geography, sectors, and size band. Moreover, following in-depth ICT decision maker surveys, the report outlines enterprises’ investment priorities in the Business Intelligence segment.


The Global Outlook Report provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Business Intelligence market outlook: analysis as well as historical figures and forecasts of global revenues from business intelligence software.
  • Market trends, drivers & inhibitors: an analysis of key current trends in the
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Business Intelligence Solutions | PayNet

Streamline efforts to search, query, and analyze commercial credit data to make more informed business decisions.

Collect. Integrate. Analyze. Present.

PayNet helps you do it all. We offer market and business intelligence that’s intuitive and user-friendly, so that banking and commercial finance leaders—and not just their IT departments—can derive targeted value:

  • CEOs can anticipate economic shifts that might impact stock prices.

  • CFOs can improve loss forecasting methodologies and fine-tune risk-based pricing.

  • CROs can segment their portfolio to create detailed risk profiles.

  • Lending managers can capitalize on underserved markets to bump up growth.

Build your
Knowledge Base

The PayNet Risk Insight Suite boosts your proficiency on credit trends.

Assess Credit

Get exclusive insights targeted to your NAICS, county, or market area.


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What is business intelligence dashboard?

A business intelligence dashboard (BI dashboard) is a data visualization tool that displays on a single screen the status of business analytics metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and important data points for an organization, department, team or process.

Essential features of modern BI dashboard software include a customizable interface, interactivity and the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources; these features represent a significant advance over older, static dashboards. BI dashboards are also now an integral component of most leading cloud-based analytics platforms. The popular self-service analytics model — nearly always delivered from the cloud as SaaS — is, in large part, based on BI dashboards that enable end users to quickly visualize data they have selected.

Benefits and limitations of BI dashboards

BI dashboards are increasingly seen as critical tools for enterprises to derive instant and longer-term insights from their growing storehouses of big data and to enable

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Business Plan Template – Create a Free Business Plan

How to Write the Company and Financing Chapter

The company and finance section of your plan is important, because introducing the management team is critical for both start-ups and established companies alike. Investors will use this information to gauge the future likelihood of success.

Company and Financing Sections

  1. Company Overview
  2. Management Team
  3. Required Funds (optional)
  4. Exit Strategy (optional)
  5. Mission Statement (optional)
  6. Company History (optional)
  7. Location and Facilities (optional)

1. Company Overview

businessman with binoculars looking over the city

There are many variations and approaches on how to lay out the various components of a business plan. Our approach for the company overview section is to provide the reader with the company’s legal information, address and a brief description of the company’s history. Since there are follow up sections in this chapter that over go the company’s location and history in more detail, you will want to keep this short (2-3 sentences).


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Meat Shortages In U.S. Prompt Removal Of Burgers From Restaurants

Meat Shortages In U.S. Prompt Removal Of Burgers From Restaurant Menus

Photo Credit: Fast Food Menu Prices / Courtesy of Wendy’s

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, meat shortages have been largely impacting areas throughout the U.S. As a result, this has also left restaurants, like Wendy’s, with no other choice but to remove their burgers from the menu. Customers have taken to social media to complain, but it’s really not under their control.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the Wendy’s app only shows chicken items were available for takeout and delivery from some of its stores in CA. This has also been affecting people in other states. Customers have since been asking “Where’s the beef?” on social media, a popular 1980s catchphrase that Wendy’s used to use, poking fun at smaller burgers from other chains.

Restaurants like Wendy’s experiencing meat shortages

meat shortage in US prompts removal of beef from restaurant menus
Restaurants like Wendy’s experiencing meat shortage / Twitter

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to shatter slaughterhouses, Americans are finding

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Top Benefits Of Business Intelligence Software For 2020

You’ve probably heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” That turn of phrase might as well have been invented for BI tools. Business intelligence software (BI) is comprised of a range of data analytics tools designed to analyze and manage data related to your business operations. So what are the benefits of business intelligence software? Some business intelligence benefits include rich visualization capabilities that allow businesses to monitor sales, logistics and even productivity. It also provides extensive data analysis using richly visualized, intuitive reports.

By presenting your data in an easy to understand format, BI software helps you to have a better understanding of your business’ strengths and weaknesses while providing actionable insights into KPIs and other important metrics. This makes it a critical tool to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Here are 10 key operational benefits of business intelligence software:

1. Get Valuable Insights into Your Business

Business intelligence software

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John Spencer Ellis Digital Nomad Business Location Independent Lifestyle

Resources for People Who Want to be Home Business Owners, Location Free Digital Nomads
& Online Business Entrepreneurs

On the path to success, you need someone in your corner who cares about your results. Together, let’s find your voice and message, and monetize it. I will help you become marketable, memorable, and monetizable for years to come. It’s time to cut through the facade of trendy business advice, and finally give you what you’re craving – guidance from someone who has helped entrepreneurs from over 30 industries. Your time is now. With nearly 3 decades of experience, I know exactly how to take accomplished entrepreneurs, like you, and launch them into even greater success with proven tactics, processes, and resources. It’s time to break free and live how and where you want while making a great living online. My products and services are perfect for trainers, coaches, experts, teachers, digital

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Compare the Best Car Insurance Singapore & Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Compare car insurance from the comfort of your own home. When you fill in our free quotation form, you’ll receive a response from our professional insurance brokers within 1 business day. This will contain the 3 best value quotes on the market based on the information within form submitted.

When you come to us, you can count on a personalised approach. Our specialists are determined to find more than just the cheapest motor insurance, but the deal that best reflects your specific requirements. Every driver and every car is different, so we take all variables into account to discover the ideal arrangement for you.

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Leveraging Business Intelligence for Healthcare Management

– Considering that the phrase “value-based care” is almost always immediately followed by a discussion about how to trim inefficiencies and improve patient outcomes, few industries are more in need of comprehensive insight into their operations than the healthcare sector.

Business intelligence, defined by Gartner as “an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance,” is essential for helping healthcare providers gain visibility into opportunities for improvement.

As with so many other industry buzzwords, however, such an all-encompassing definition is unhelpfully broad.  Healthcare organizations have very quickly learned that they cannot simply snap their fingers and instantly access all of the data, reporting, and decision support they need to foster an intelligent business.

Instead, they must take a measured, piece-by-piece approach to the synthesis and analysis of clinical,

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