Day: April 26, 2020

Bachelor in International Trade and Finance, Istanbul, Turkey 2020

In recent years, Turkey has taken on an increasingly significant role in the globalizing economy. Foreign investors, attracted by the financial opportunities available, have launched an ever-growing number of offices in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. Turkish companies, in addition to engaging in import and export, have also acquired a stronger international presence through direct investments in other countries. Our department aims to provide managers of the future with the global vision that they will need to succeed in this increasingly competitive international business world.

Aware that keeping up with the latest developments in the field is crucial, we take a global perspective on economics, finance, and international trade. Bolstered by an interdisciplinary approach and our faculty members’ broad base of knowledge, we offer programs primarily in administration and economics, and in addition to a number of other programs, students can enroll in dual major and minor degree programs as well.

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Business Entrepreneur: Please Like our page and Share

Any business that wants to be successful must have in its genes a product or service that people need.  That product or service must also be affordable and present a value proposition to the customer or client.  The challenge for many businesses is linking the product or service with the customer or client.

Traditional means of advertising are costly and seldom represent a feasible value proposition for the small business entrepreneur.  It is here that social media platforms play an invaluable role in conveying the specifics of the product or services being offered.

Now many users of social media platforms may be annoyed by the constant flow of advertisements and product related articles that pop up in their streams.  No doubt this very article may be one of them.  However, I ask you to consider the following:  Someone out there is an entrepreneur trying to earn a living, provide for

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Analyst Business Intelligence – Dubai, AE

Analyst Business Intelligence – Dubai, AE. We are looking for a highly analytical Business Intelligence Analyst to join the Amazon EU Security and Loss Prevention Business Intelligence team.


Analyst Business Intelligence.


At Amazon, we’re working to be the most customer-centric company on earth. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and visionary people. We are looking for a highly analytical Business Intelligence Analyst to join the Amazon EU Security and Loss Prevention Business Intelligence team.
As a Business Intelligence Analyst, you will generate insights that will guide operational excellence and product development for our customers. Data analysis is at the core Amazon’s culture, and your work will have a direct impact on decision making and strategy for our team.

Content Curator Jobs – Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

You will be gathering customer insights, mining data, making recommendations, and helping senior leaders make key business decisions.

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Car Insurance by State | DMV.ORG

Nearly every state in the Nation requires that motorists carry minimum levels of auto insurance coverage (or the equivalent in financial responsibility waivers) in order to ensure that its drivers can cover the cost of damages to people or property in the event of an automobile accident.

We have compiled all the car insurance requirements on a state-by-state basis so you can see at a glance what the minimum coverage is―and what other regulations you may need to comply with in your home state. This information can be especially useful when you are new to a state, or if you are a newly licensed driver. Choose your state below for car insurance requirements in your neck of the woods.

Choose Your State

HawaiiAlaskaFloridaNew HampshireMichiganVermontMaineRhode IslandNew YorkPennsylvaniaNew JerseyDelawareMarylandVirginiaWest VirginiaOhioIndianaIllinoisConnecticutWisconsinNorth CarolinaWashington
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BA International Trade and Finance, Izmir, Turkey 2020

The Department of International Trade and Finance prepares students for business life, training them as professionals, who can design strategies suitable for international trade, position Turkish goods, and services in an international environment, understand the structure of international trade establishments, and contribute to the national economy by analyzing various financial models.


Program structure

Courses are offered in economics, management, information technology, international trade, foreign trade management, trade law, foreign languages (starting from the second year and continuing until graduation), finance management, marketing, international economy, international marketing, and import-exports. Students are also prepared with the distinctive skills of personal entrepreneurship and critical thinking. A second foreign language option is also offered to all students.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program find careers in companies dealing with Foreign Trade and Capital, SMEs(small and middle-sized companies) which are operating globally, internationally funded companies, commercial sections of Embassies, and in the trade/finance division of

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California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board has a long tradition of protecting the rights of employers and unemployed or disabled workers.

The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) field offices and hearing facilities are temporarily closed to general public access. Appeal hearings are being conducted by phone. CUIAB will respond to your customer inquiries by phone or US mail.

If you have questions about your appeals, please contact the local CUIAB office identified on your forms or find the nearest office to you under the Locations tab below.

  • Who is CUIAB?
    Created by the Legislature in 1943, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) is an independent administrative court system for workers and employers seeking to challenge decisions made by the Employment Development Department (EDD). Appeals are the first opportunity for all parties to present evidence and tell their side of the story before an Administrative Law
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10 Best Books For Entrepreneurs In 2017

Every entrepreneur needs an active reading list. After all, books are one of the most valuable knowledge resources. Even the best podcasts and YouTube videos cannot replace the in-depth lessons found in a good book.

The challenge, however, is sifting through and finding the right material. Find something that will not only resonate with you and inspire you to aim higher, but will also guide you through that process as well.

From self-development to business best practices, here are ten must-reads for entrepreneurs in 2017:

1. All In by Bill Green

Not many entrepreneurs can say that they started their empire in a flea market. Serial entrepreneur Bill Green pulls from over forty years of business experiences to share 101 key insights that have helped him build one of the largest industrial distribution companies in the country. For aspiring entrepreneurs, this is a glimpse into what it takes to go

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5 Signs Indicating Why Your Business Needs Business Intelligence


Not sure whether your data needs justify investing in a business intelligence solution? Learn how to evaluate the complexity of your data with our free guide: How to Overcome Challenges in Complex Data.

If you’re inundated with data and considering whether you need business intelligence, this article could help. Many businesses soldier on with inadequate tools because they’re not sure how or why business intelligence solutions deliver value.

We’ll look at the ways BI can help your business – and when it’s time for you to implement a BI solution.

First let’s look at what business intelligence is all about. You’ll find lots of definitions about what BI really is, but there’s no real mystery about it. Business intelligence simply describes the transformation of your raw (unstructured) data into something meaningful. It’s achieved using BI software.

It’s probably more helpful to explain the benefits of business intelligence. Most organizations

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Five Common Business Intelligence Use Cases You Need to Know

Five Common Business Intelligence Use Cases You Need to Know

Solutions Review highlights the most common business intelligence use cases you need to know about so you can select the best software.

Evaluating business intelligence software is growing increasingly complex. These complexities are growing even wider when organizations consider emerging analytic capabilities like AI, machine learning, augmented analytics, predictive modeling and the cloud. In data analytics, users want to be able to inspect and understand the steps and models involved in decision making. Given the pervasive nature of AI-powered business intelligence tools entering the marketplace, this technology is quickly becoming mainstream.

AI will continue to be a game-changer for BI users, especially those without technical data science skills. However, the best AI-focused data analytics tools can explain the processes behind each prediction. Business user ease of use and complexity of analysis are two top-of-mind considerations for buyers in the current space. Common support packages include assistance for non-technical users who

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What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

image for George Rudy / Shutterstock

George Rudy / Shutterstock

The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. There are lots of sleepless nights, plans that don’t work out, funding that doesn’t come through and customers that never materialize. It can be so challenging to launch a business that it may make you wonder why anyone willingly sets out on such a path.

Despite all of these hardships, every year, thousands of entrepreneurs embark on this journey determined to bring their vision to fruition and fill a need they see in society. They open brick-and-mortar businesses, launch tech startups or bring a new product or service into the marketplace.

An entrepreneur identifies a need that no existing businesses addresses and determines a solution for that need. Entrepreneurial activity includes developing and launching new businesses and marketing them, often with

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