Day: April 15, 2020

Top 18 Free and Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

Top 17 Free and Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

Searching for business intelligence and data analytics software can be a daunting (and expensive) process, one that requires long hours of research and deep pockets. The most popular enterprise BI tools often provide more than what’s necessary for non-enterprise organizations, with advanced functionality relevant to only the most technically savvy users. Thankfully, there are a number of free and open source business intelligence tools out there. Some of these solutions are offered by vendors looking to eventually sell you on their enterprise product, and others are maintained and operated by a community of developers looking to democratize BI.

In this article we will examine free and open source business intelligence software, first by providing a brief overview of what to expect and also with short blurbs about each of the currently available options in the space. This is the most complete and up-to-date directory on the web.

Free business intelligence

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20 Free, Cloud and Open Source Business Intelligence Software in 2020 – Reviews, Features, Pricing, Comparison

20 Free, Cloud and Open Source Business Intelligence Software in 2020 – Reviews, Features, Pricing, Comparison – PAT RESEARCH: B2B Reviews, Buying Guides & Best Practices

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Grants for Young Entrepreneurs: Under 20 Only

Grants for Young EntrepreneursYoung entrepreneurs aren’t exactly just running lemonade stands anymore. In at least one case, they are looking into the concept of space mining. But not all businesses started by young people are so out of this world. Starting a small business as a teenager can be a life changing experience and can encourage the hard work and dedication required to be a business owner early in life. Grants that support young entrepreneurs mainly exist on the local level and young entrepreneurs should start their search for funding in the cities and towns they call home. If you are a young person looking for grant funding to take your idea to the next level, we strongly encourage you to follow your dreams. Check out these opportunities that might just help you get going down the exciting road of becoming a small business owner.

Thiel Fellowship
The Thiel Foundation was started by

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Business Idea New Ideas Get Find Develop Evaluate Search



Prior experience

  • Where have you worked before?
  • Have you done anything special, exceptional or unusual?
  • What work-related skills or expertise do you have?

External contacts, resources etc.

  • What contacts have you in finance, business etc.
  • Have you or your family access to any under-utilized resources.
  • Do you know people who might help give you a start?

Don’t be afraid to ask other people to help assess your strengths and

Take a moment to complete or view the results of these surveys:

about Strengths & Weaknesses of Businesses
about Writing a Business Plan

To help surmount weaknesses, consider the idea of forming an entrepreneurial
team (or taking on a partner, part-time adviser, non-executive director
etc.) but beware of trying to work with

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These 13 Successful Indian College Dropout Entrepreneurs Prove That College Is Not Necessary For Success

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg! Everyone has heard the names of these wildly successful founders of two equally revolutionary behemoths. Acknowledging their success, it is often highlighted that they were college dropouts. So we decided to figure out what exactly makes a college dropout stand out from the crowd, if at all? Is it their zeal to achieve or their out-of-the box thinking which sets them on the path of success? Or were they just one-off coincidences as are most successful startups and founders?

We came up with a list of college dropouts turned entrepreneurs from the Indian startup ecosystem who have taken the country by storm.

A self-taught programmer at 13 and web designer, he took a natural interest in the development of web applications. Seeing a clear market gap for an easy to use, user centric approach to web-based ticketed support and visitor engagement, Varun established Kayako in

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The 23 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

Business intelligence never stands still.

In a rapidly changing landscape, even experts need to work hard to stay abreast of the latest developments and insights.

Countless resources exist to shepherd business intelligence users through these fluctuating ideas and frequent innovations.

Below is a collection of the best. Many reflect unique perspectives from across the field of business intelligence: analysts, freelance writers, and executive technology officers.

Others cover distinct aspects of business intelligence, zeroing in on specific subjects like market growth and consolidation, or the role of BI in a small business.

Still more provide a fresh take on contemporary issues and news, offering insightful analysis that goes beyond the surface headlines.

Criteria used to select the bloggers included the quality of their writing and insights, size of their following, and their impact on the BI community.

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Find and Buy Creative Business Names

A Marketplace of Creative Business Names

Has the search for a great, available business name got you down? We can help. With over 50,000 names to choose from, you can browse, get inspired, and find the unexpected yet perfect name for your company.

Right name. Right price. Right now.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you can’t truly start working on your idea until it has a name, and finding the perfect name takes much more of your valuable time than it should. The cycle – brainstorming, checking availability, and negotiating – tends to lead to a dead end.

It’s time to break that cycle, and we can help.

Go shopping for your business name.

If you need the perfect outfit, you visit your favorite store, right? It’s easier and faster to select a great option from a list instead of designing the options. This is why traditional branding agencies get

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Buy and Renew Two Wheeler Insurance online

There are two types of two wheeler insurance policy:

  1. Third Party Liability Insurance or Liability Cover only
  2. Comprehensive Policy or Package Policy

Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party liability insurance is mandatory in India as per the law. This policy covers only the damages or loss caused by the insured bike to the third party or property. It also provides personal accident cover for the bike owner. However, none of the insurers will cover for any loss, damages incurred or theft of the insured bike.

Comprehensive Policy

To protect your two wheeler completely, you must opt for a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Because it provides a complete financial protection against bike own damages and also any third party loss or damages caused due to the insured vehicle. You don’t have to worry, if your two wheeler gets stolen, as a comprehensive policy also covers bike theft.

Two Wheeler Third

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Business | Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Palm Beach State College offers two Business Administration degree tracks and several
College Credit Certificates which articulate into the degree programs.

Degree Programs

Business Administration & Management A.S. degree
This degree is designed for the student who seeks a broad background in business and
is interested in transferring to a university to pursue a B.S. degree in Business.
Program content includes management, supervision, human relations, marketing and business
communications. The program is 64 credit hours. This is an A.S. to B.S. transfer program
that comprises all of the requirements to transfer to a B.S. program at any of the
Florida universities. There are four concentrations:

Business Entrepreneurship A.S. degree
This A.S. program is designed for the person who has the vision, strategy, and discipline
to start a business venture but lacks the business expertise and skills to make it
a success. It would also be helpful for those looking to

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Business Intelligence Dashboard |

what is a business intelligence dashboard illustration

What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

A business intelligence dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

business intelligence and dashboards illustration

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Business Intelligence dashboards are an essential part of running a data-driven business, but what is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a tech-driven process used to analyze and display data in meaningful and actionable ways. Business intelligence encompasses a multitude of applications, tools, theories, and technologies. The goal of BI dashboards is to help business individuals make more informed decisions by enabling companies to gather, analyze, build dashboards, and create reports on their most important and business-driving data.

Dashboards provide sleek, real-time visibility to your team. Combining business intelligence

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